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Organic raw propolis hydroalcoholic extract

Propolis is a resinous substance that bees collect from certain plants and is known to be a natural antibiotic.

Propolis is attributed an antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-viviral action.

This is why it is used as a natural remedy to strengthen the immune system.

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Citrus Honey

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Obtained from Orange, Mandarin and Lemon flowers

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Packaging: 400 g jar

Sulla Honey

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Sulla Honey 

Obtained from Sulla, a leguminous plant belonging to the Fabaceae family

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Packaging: 400 g jar

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 litre

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Production: 2021

Cultivar: Nocellara - Biancollilla

Harvesting System: hand picking

Extraction system: cold

Nocellara and Biancollila extra virgin olive oil is a superior oil obtained by cold mechanical processes and without filters. It is an organic, unique product with a colouring that can range from yellow to deep green and a very low acidity that remains constantly below 0.5%. On the nose, it has a medium intensity olive fruitiness accompanied by notes of almond, green tomato, cut grass, artichoke and sometimes herbs. The taste is bitter, slightly spicy and with a hint of sweetness.

The polyphenol content is high, so consumption of this oil helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, while the high content of highly digestible fats helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.