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DIETARY SUPPLEMENT: Organic juice of Aloe Vera (gel sine cute) and Bergamot.

Made from freshly harvested plants, not powders!

Produced by cold pressing of leaves and fruit. Ideal to supplement a normal diet and to keep yourself healthy.

Makes an invaluable contribution towards the function of your cardiovascular system. Rich in vitamins, amino acids and other valuable nutritional ingredients needed by the body. No GMOs. Organic

Product: identification code: ITBIO005E051. Gluten free. Suitable for vegans, awarded VeganOK certification: company identification code: 0739. Supplied with measuring cap.

Prodotti biologiciVeganOKMade in Italy

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Large-leaved aloe arborescens plant grown with certified organic method.

Severed in the trunk, sold without pot, roots or earth.

Technically it's a cutting!

Age 5/6 years.

Height: 70cm-100cm

Variety: Large-leaved Aloe Arborescens!