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DIETARY SUPPLEMENT: Organic juice of Aloe Vera (gel sine cute), Ginger, Lemon and Turmeric.

Made from freshly harvested plants, not powders!

Produced by cold pressing of leaves, fruit and roots. Qualities: burns fats; ideal for detoxing and keeping yourself fit.

Excellent against aches and pains, and digestive problems as well as urinary tract and respiratory infections.

Rich in vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients.

No GMOs. Organic Product: identification code: ITBIO005E051. Gluten free, Aloin free

Suitable for vegans, awarded VeganOK certification: company identification code: 0739. Supplied with measuring cap.;

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Your antioxidant supplement

Food supplement based on aloe arborescens gel (internal gel only, cuticle excluded), aronia juice and beetroot.

Organic Product: identification code ITBIO005E051.

Gluten free. Aloin free.

Suitable for vegans, with VeganOk certification: Company Identification Code: 0739 Packaging: 500 ml dark glass bottle. With measuring cap! (only bottle, no cardboard packaging)

Teo C

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Dietary supplement rich in vitamin C indicated to counteract free radicals, useful for the proper functioning of the immune system and increase the immune defenses.

Contents: PET pill box, 100 capsules of 2 g.