Raw Hydroalcoholic Propolis Extract. Organic


Propolis is a resinous substance produced by bees that is collected from the plants and then transformed using insect wax, pollen and enzymes to defend the hive from bacterial and fungal attacks. This totally natural product is extremely beneficial for the body.

How it is made: the product is the result of extracting a raw material (the substance produced by bees) which, when freshly harvested, is immersed in a solution of water and alcohol for 21 days in the dark and subsequently filtered.

Uses: can be used in case of ulcers and irritation of the oral mucosa, as a disinfectant and healing agent for small wounds (it is able to promote tissue regeneration), to treat herpes and fungal infections. There are those who use it in a preventative manner to strengthen the immune system.

Instructions for use: put a drop of the product directly in the throat or in a glass with two inches of water and gargle for about 30 seconds. Leave for a few minutes before ingesting any other substance.

NB: strongly alcoholic product



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