Properties and benefits of Aloe Arborescens


Aloe Arborescens is used as a medicinal herb and also as an ornamental garden plant. The plant is recognized and used above all for its notable beneficial properties, and several studies have been carried out to investigate this.



Ways of using Aloe Arborescens leaves:

  • Dietary supplement. As can be seen from the diagram, aloe contains many active ingredients which are useful for the human body.
  • Draining and purifying. Aloe stimulates the elimination of toxins and also creates a membrane that protects the intestinal wall, preventing the absorption of harmful substances.
  • Regulariser of intestinal function. Aloe is an ally of the digestive system. It seems to favour the physiological intestinal functions, stimulating the bacterial flora and the elimination of waste, while improving the absorption of nutrients. These properties have led the scientific community to recognize aloe arborescens as having the ability to counteract the side effects of medicines on the digestive system (stomach acidity, constipation, cramps ...)
  • Immune system stimulant. It contains acemanane, which has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties..
  • Soothing. Applied to the skin, it alleviates discomfort from insect bites including mosquitoes, jellyfish and even nettle stings. It is also used to soothe sunburnt skin.
  • Coagulant. It repairs tissues and membranes and is useful for treating eczema, wounds and blisters.
  • Skin care. Applied to the skin, it has a dermo-protective, moisturising and emollient action. 

Key Benefits of our Aloe Arborescens Sinergia:

  • Optimal Immune function fortification and rejuvenation support for a healthy and vital immune system. **
  • Promotes healthy blood and gentle whole body cleansing of toxicity from pathogens, heavy metals and chemicals. **
  • Stimulates macrophage (natural killer cell (NK) activity of white blood cells) that ingest and destroy viruses, bacteria and disregulated cells. **
  • Activate immune response through increased expression of interleukin-1, interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor **
  • Normalizing of body functions **
  • Helps normalize the function and structure of the gastrointestinal digestive system which reduces stress on the immune system(70% of the immune system is located in the gut). **
  • Improves cellular metabolism and increases overall energy production**
  • Promotes normal cardiovascular and blood sugar level health**