Rather than itemising all the benefits of the plant, it is as well to look at its use and the reasons why so many people buy our products: from leaves and plants to make up Father Romano Zago’s recipe by themselves, to using our preparations with the juice and pulp of aloe arborescens. Even though we grow aloe vera, we concentrate on the lesser known, but we believe more efficacious, Aloe Arborescens, on which scientific studies have proliferated in the last few years.


Who buys our leaves or plants?

  • Those who wish to prepare by themselves Father Romano Zago’s recipe and similar ones;
  • Those who wish to use the skin lotion.

Who buys our Aloe Arborescens Synergy preparation in versions with or without alcohol or honey?

  •   Those who require a genuine organic product, to test the potential of a plant that seems to acquire each day more and more recognition from the world of science.

The product is bought above all for therapeutic purposes, in that most of our customers use it for treating conditions from simple intestinal dysfunction, for detoxification or to stimulate their immune defences, to trying to treat more serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hepatitis. We are sure that more of our customers use it for these more serious disorders.


Who buys our creams?

  • Those who, after testing the effect of the gel/cream on the skin, realise its ability to soothe skin which is reddened or sunburnt, to treat insect bites, and hydrate the skin with products that are essentially natural and derived from the cultivation of organic aloe arborescens.