The buds of the plants are formed from meristematic cells. These are comparable to human stem cell functions and activities, that a single cell can potentially play the entire living system. In fact, as for the latter, the buds of Aloe arborescens convey a percentage of the active far greater than in the whole plant. In general, the young shoots (buds) are particularly provided of plant hormones, enzymes, vitamins, growth factors and DNA. To a large extent it is believed that the use of the extracts of the gems is attributable to the integration food, in order to improve the functions of the immune system and / or to remove excess fluid from the body. In particular, the product obtained from the buds of Aloe arborescens has an important activity due to a summation of effects resulting from the already recognized immuno-modulatory capabilities of aloe arborescens in its totality and to that of its buds. This specificity of action makes the extract of aloe arborescens buds the best ally for those who want to help their body to defend itself by all those external and internal interference that would debilitate and offend.

Useful adjuvant during season changes, such as prevention of winter ailments, in allergic problems, and in all those symptoms that involve the immune system.


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