The plant: the robinia pseudoacacia, of American origin, was introduced in Europe in the 17th century. It is a tree with large black thorns that blooms in spring in clusters of white and very fragrant flowers.

Organoleptic characteristics: it crystallizes quite quickly. The color ranges from straw yellow to amber when liquid; white to beige, sometimes with yellow hues, when crystallized. Medium intense, of aromatic plants, floral, chamomile flowers, fig leaves, incense, aromatic fruit with vegetal connotations that recall the smell of the plant after infusion. There is a certain acidity and a persistent aftertaste. Fruity honey, passion fruit, ripe fig, nougat, almond.

Composition: it is rich in essential oils and is therefore used as a healing and disinfectant.

Health uses: it is an excellent calming for the nervous system and helps relieve stress and tension, both physically and psychologically.


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