Dried green herbs (aloe and mallow leaves) and purple flowers (mallow flowers).


Aloe Arborescens is able to cleanse the body of excess toxins. Its saccharides adhere to the walls of the intestine, forming a protective barrier that prevents the absorption of harmful substances. It is also an ally of the digestive system: it stimulates the bacterial flora and the elimination of waste by improving the absorption of nutrients. For this reason it reduces the side effects of medication on the digestive system such as stomach acidity, cramps and constipation.

Malva Sylvestris contains a lot of mucilage and has a dual effect on the gastrointestinal system: both by relieving inflammation, burning and irritation, and by improving transit, promoting the expulsion of stools in cases of constipation.


Indicated in case of digestive problems

Advice for use:

For an optimal herbal tea use one tablespoon of product per cup (200 ml of boiling water).Leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes and sweeten as desired, preferably with organic honey.

ne cup per day is recommended, especially in case of slow intestinal transit.

Not recommended during pregnancy.


Aloe Arborescens 50%, Malva Sylvestris 50%. 


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