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Teo Natura has consciously chosen to make Aloe Arborescens the dominant element of his creations, taking care of all stages of production:

> the cultivation of plants with organic certification; 
> the transformation of the raw raw material into a finished product; 
marketing to the public and commercial activities.

The name Aloe derives from the Greek 'als, alos' and means 'sea, sea water, salt' and alludes to the taste of the juice, bitter and salty like sea water. So what better place can there be than Marsala with its facing salt marshes that give aloe plants all the constituents they need? Here is Teo Natura, the brand of the Aloe di Carla Pantini & c. S.S. - cultivator and producer -, creates both preparations with well-known healing properties and new product lines, thanks to the contribution of the newborn research and development sector, exploiting all the curative efficacy of this wonderful plant. Teo Natura is the only company that can boast the existence of a laboratory near the crops. As a result, the leaves are processed immediately immediately after harvesting!  Di Teo Natura