Founded over fifteen years ago, Carla Pantini’s Aloe Company started purely as growers, embracing organic agriculture from day one. Spotting a gap in the market, they began to cultivate Aloe arborescens plants, and developed a range of products with numerous health-giving benefits.

Today they farm a number of small plots; much like garden vegetable beds, which are ideal for nurturing plants, and avoid the sort of problems which large-scale cultivation can cause.

The company is located in the western part of Sicily and it’s no accident that they’re based in the countryside around Marsala. Sea breezes from the nearby salt marshes; the Mediterranean temperatures and sunshine, and, just like the plant’s African origins, a rich red soil, come together to produce the perfect habitat for aloe plantations. It all combines to produce exceptional raw materials for perfect, healthy nutritional synergy.

Uniquely, the company has its own processing lab on the premises. This allows prompt processing of the leaves just as they’re harvested. So you don’t get the oxidation and dehydration which happen when crops need to be transported.

Carla’s aloe products consist of a series of herbal preparations with organic certification, all inspired by the work of Father Romano Zago, who has successfully used the healing properties of aloe to create a medicinal compound for local people who can’t afford hospital care.

Today, the Aloe Synergy compound is used by people who want to cleanse their body by eliminating excess toxins, and by those who want to strengthen their immune system and regulate bowel function. Its use has also been suggested as a supplement to chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer [1]. Increasingly, the scientific world has taken an interest in Aloe arborescens, and a growing number of studies have been undertaken to recognize the healing properties of the plant in the medical field.

The company’s values of respect for nature and people, promoted by its founders, Enzo and Carla, have catapulted a small agricultural firm into the global market, thanks to the contribution of new research and development. They’re already putting forward a number of new products and new lines, which is why the new TeoNatura brand has been launched.

The company is always on the lookout for partnerships with universities, working together to support studies on possible uses of aloe arborescens and its properties.

Among the current collaborations are:

The Department of Agricultural and Food Production Sciences (DISPA) of the University of Catania.

The Department of Agricultural and Food Production Sciences (DISPA) of the University of Messina.