copy of Organic Aloe Arborescens Plant

VAT included

Large-leaved aloe arborescens plant grown with certified organic method.

Severed in the trunk, sold without pot, roots or earth.

Technically it's a cutting!

Age 5/6 years.

Height: 70cm-100cm

Variety: Large-leaved Aloe Arborescens!

Large-leaved Aloe Arborescens plant from organic farming, accompanied by identification code No. IT BIO 005 E051, issued by the certification body BIOS s.r.l. - Control body with Ministerial Decree MiPA n. 9990587 of 02.04.1999 in application of Reg EEC 2092/91


Used as an ornamental plant but also and above all for its purifying and beneficial properties on the body.

Also useful as a natural home air purifier.


Inside the package you will find the large-leaved aloe arborescens plant. Technically it is a cutting.


You can plant and wait for it to produce roots, or you can use the leaves.

If you opt for the first option, in atmospheric conditions with temperatures around zero it is good to keep the plant indoors close to direct light sources.

Low temperatures risk damaging the plant. Otherwise, in places with mild temperatures (which never drop below 3 degrees), place the plant on the balcony or outdoors. For therapeutic use, use the outermost leaves, as this develops from the inside out. Discard the spines, tip and base and use the remaining part.

If planted outdoors, in the spring / summer period, Aloe should be watered in moderation (500 ml approximately once every three days) and taking care not to wet the leaves, in order to prevent water from settling between leaves that could rot.

In autumn-winter, watering is gradually decreased until it is completely suspended for the whole winter. With spring they gradually recover, watering.

If placed indoors, in the spring / summer period, the Aloe should be watered in the saucer (250 ml approximately once every 2 days) avoiding wetting the leaves which could rot.

In autumn-winter the waterings are gradually decreased. To suggest the right amount of water, the stagnation of the latter in the saucer, a signal that it is good to reduce the doses and / or the frequency. With spring they gradually recover, watering.

DELIVERY in 48/72 hours (depending on the destination).


Did you know that if you place an aloe plant in your bedroom, it will help make the environment healthier and therefore you will sleep better?

Nb. In case of damage due to transport, take some photos and send them to to request the replacement of the goods.

NB: The plants are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays to allow reaching the destination within the week, avoiding the stationing of the goods in the courier's warehouses on the weekend.


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